Lackaghmore Church, Kildare, Ireland

The ruins at Lackaghmore Graveyard are of a charming Church of Ireland structure dating from around 1829, however an earlier church stood at this site which was shown as being in ruins on Taylor’s 1783 Map of Country Kildare. The bell tower and entrance to this church are probably its most attractive features, the tower embellished with pointed finials at each corner. Looking upwards in the bell-tower one can see the wooden posts that would once have held the bell in place. Some of the plaster remains on the churches walls, and one can see the changes in the gable end window from the changing patterns of brickwork. The National Monuments Service suggests that some of the windows may have been taken from nearby Lackagh Castle. One of the more poignant parts of this visit is the plaque on the east wall commemorating the people who were sentenced to death or transported into slavery in Barbados under the order of Oliver Cromwell. Despite the tragic history of the people of Lackagh who prayed on these grounds I do feel this graveyard is one of the most peaceful and picturesque as I have found in Kildare.

GPS: 53.16164, -6.98779

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