High Cross of Kilbride, Wexford, Ireland

The High Cross of Kilbride, also known as the old cross of Ballinatray, is a 2.2 metre rudimentary cross standing in Courtown Woods, just outside of Courtown village in County Wexford. It is believed to date from the 11th or 12th century and is picturesquely situated on the outer edge of the woods overlooking the Owenavorragh Stream. The cross is a shale Latin Cross with one arm shorter than the other. There is an incised cross in the centre of a circle on both faces. The cross is the only remnant of what must have been an early Christian settlement in the area, it sits beside a stone patio with benches around its edges. On the day of my visit I noted many people advocating for the saving of Courtown Woods as a local amenity as it is believed it may be sold to a private developer as part of a ‘regeneration plan’ for the area. Its a very beautiful woods, a stone’s throw from the Irish sea, it would be a tragedy if it was sold, privatised and perhaps ultimately destroyed.

GPS: 52.648663, -6.239652

3 thoughts on “High Cross of Kilbride, Wexford, Ireland

  1. The woodland setting gives the medieval cross a curiously unique character. Usually I envisage crosses like that in the rubble of abbey ruins or presented in cathedrals. I wish I had the skill to express how this particular cross comes across to me. Anyway I hope they do save those woods! And fantastic photos of course!

  2. Thank you Tiege for your comment on The High Cross of Kilbride. I find it very disappointing that your very valid comment on this very important piece of our ancestral history has not drawn much greater reaction from readers, and yes, Courtown woods have been saved, so that all members of the public can enjoy such a wonderful amenity.

    freddie kearney.
    april 2023.

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