Altar Wedge Tomb, Cork, Ireland

Altar Wedge Tomb is situated overlooking Toormore bay on the Mizen Head peninsula in county Cork. This wedge-shaped gallery grave is aligned ENE-WSW and appears to be lined up with Mizen Peak. The tomb has a very distinct lean to the east, and measures 3.4 metres by 2 metres and is capped with two roofstones, there are three side stones on either side of the chamber. From archaeological studies it can be envisaged that the tomb played an important role throughout the millennia after its construction. Cremated burials were found that were dated to around 2000BC, also pit burials were discovered dating to around 1200BC, and in 200AD a pit was dug in the tomb and filled with whale, shellfish and fish bones, presumable as an offering or ritual practice. Though the name altar would suggest sacrifice there is no evidence to lead one to believe that was what it was used for, the name may have come from a later date when during the Penal Laws the tomb was used as a Mass rock in the 18th century. This wedge tomb is well worth a visit if you are in around Mizen Head, as it is very accessible from the main road and the views across the bay are stunning.

GPS: 51.51375, -9.64394

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