Urlingford Church, Kilkenny, Ireland

The ruins of this old church just outside Urlingford, in a townland called Islands, are believed to date from the 16th century and stand along the bank of the River Goul. The small area around the graveyard is dotted with antiquities such as a five story 15th century tower house built by the Mountgarret Butlers, there is also evidence of a mill at this point in the river. This is the site of the original medieval settlement of Urlingford, the modern day town five hundred metres south of the graveyard was only built during the 18th century. The church was described as being covered in ivy by the end of the 19th century, but much restoration work as carried out from the 1970s to the present day, and the graveyard is a nice stop off point when heading from Dublin to Cork, Urlingford being a traditional stop off point prior to being bypassed in 2008. Outside of what I have included above I can find very little reference to this church and any further information would be welcomed.

GPS: 52.72501, -7.58556

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