Inch Old Graveyard, Down, Ireland

This small graveyard stands beside the magnificent ruins of Inch Abbey and was originally home to a church built around 1609 of which little remains except the sections incorporated into the impressive Maxwell family mausoleum. The church was established shortly after the Plantation of Ulster with many settlers in this area originating from Scotland, the first Rector was Rev. John Christian M.A. The graveyard is home to some wonderful mausoleums the Maxwell’s being the largest, dating from 1860 and incorporating earlier Maxwell family graves. The Maxwells came from lowland Scotland and were granted the Finnebrogue estate which encompassed 9,000 acres, Finnebrogue house still exists and is one of the oldest continually occupied houses in Ulster. During the 1800s the Maxwells married into the Percevals, a family from Waterford, some Perceval graves can also be seen around the mausoleum. The Maxwells estate was reduced to around 1,000 acres following the first of The Land Acts in 1870. Most of the grave markings that are visible date from the early 1800s but there are some present day graves. Inch Old Graveyard is certainly worth a visit when at the nearby Inch Abbey.

GPS: 54.33774, -5.73052

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    • Hi Ann, I’d say your best bet is through, or maybe through, local parish records might help also.

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