Letterdeen Standing Stone, Galway, Ireland

Letterdeen Standing Stone is situated on the eastern edge of Streamstown Bay in the heart of Connemara. The stone is 3 kilometres north west of Clifden and is located along the beautiful ‘Sky Road’ drive. Due to the stone being placed on the eastern shore of a tidal estuary the ground is very marshy and care should be taken on approach. The granite stone is 1.6 metres in height, 0.85m in width and 0.75m in depth. There has been speculation that this stone was part of a pair or a small alignment that may have sank into the soggy soil but there is no evidence on site to suggest this. A welcome stop off if you are in the area and decide to take the scenic Sky Road.

GPS: 53.50649, -10.04041

One thought on “Letterdeen Standing Stone, Galway, Ireland

  1. It’s amazing to look at these prehistoric monuments and imagine about the people who made them – their faces, motivations, their vanished societies. It’s awing to ponder what it must have been like right there at that spot thousands of years ago.

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