Killynaght Portal Tomb, Tyrone, Ireland

The portal tomb at Killynaght, also known as ‘The Rocking Stone’, is located on a low hill near Strabane in County Tyrone. The name Killynaght derives from the Irish Coill Uí Neacht meaning ‘Forest of Ó Neacht’. The single chambered tomb was originally constructed using an end-stone and three large orthostats with a collapsed capstone measuring 2 metres square. The tomb would have opened up to the east but the collapsed capstone shifted to the north east pulling the two largest uprights with it. The smallest orthostat fell to the south of the capstone and the end stone fell backwards to the west. Killynaght is a recommended place to visit on route to Derry City.

GPS: 54.85646, -7.39206

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