Scraghy Portal Tomb, Tyrone, Ireland

Scraghy Portal tomb is situated off the main road between Kesh and Castlederg in County Tyrone. The tomb is also called Crockalaghta, or the Irish ‘Cnoc an Leachta’/Hill of the Grave. Though the tomb has collapsed, its size and some of its more unusual features make it worth a visit. Anyone visiting should be aware the road leading to it is treacherous and caution is advised. The collapsed capstone is a mammoth 2.4 metres by 3.5 metres; its subsidence seems to have caused the chamber stones to shatter, but one can imagine that the tomb would have stood at a height of over 2 metres. To the rear of the tomb stands an unusual 2 metre tall standing stone. On the day of my visit I didn’t spot another standing stone 30 metres to the south-west of Scraghy which itself seems like part of a bigger monument. The land is incredibly boggy and its easy to sink into the mud, which only leads me to wonder what further monuments may be lying below its surface. It must be said this corner of West Tyrone is sparsely populated and as such is a windswept and desolate place which in my mind always makes these visits more alluring.

GPS: 54.61255, -7.65785

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