Garristown Church, Dublin, Ireland

Garristown Church is a Church of Ireland structure built in the latter part of the 18th century, replacing an earlier medieval Roman Catholic Church. Much like the previously documented Crossmacole Church, the original church at Garristown was granted to the Augustinian priory of Llanthony in Monmouthshire, Wales in 1200 by John Comyn, Archbishop of Dublin. It was in 1536 during the Suppression of the Monasteries that Garristown was confiscated and then granted to a Patrick Barnewall of Fieldstown. The Protestant church was constructed in 1791 and was only in use for 80 years, closing in 1871, it is a simple edifice but charming nonetheless. The earliest headstone in the graveyard dates to 1637.

GPS: 53.56823, -6.38436

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