Grallagh Castle, Tipperary, Ireland

Grallagh Castle dates from the late 15th or early 16th century and is a four storey tower house surrounded by the remains of a bawn wall. Though the exact date of construction is unknown, James Butler, 10th Baron of Dunboyne, willed the castle to his son Peter in 1533. In the Ormond Deed Peter Butler of Grallagh is mentioned as the late sheriff of the liberty in 1560. It appears it stayed in the Butler family with a Thomas Butler of Kilconnel listed as proprietor in 1640. The Down Survey of the 1650s describes Grallagh as having, ‘a good castle on them with a bawne and some few tents and cabbins (sic)’. The castle was certainly in ruin by 1837 as it is mentioned as such in Lewis’ Topographical Dictionary of Ireland.

The castle is now in the care of the OPW and can be accessed easily. It is an attractive structure with a formidable base batter, a slope at the base which gave extra strength to the structure but also is quite appealing. There are the remains of bartizans on the north east and south west corners, and I think anyone with even a passing interest in castles loves a bawn as its the classic structure we all remember from childhood. .

GPS: 52.59478, -7.77122

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