Rathnaveoge Cemetery, Tipperary, Ireland

Rathnaveoge Cemetery is a beautifully located burial ground with a very appealing pathway leading down to it. The church is completely ruinous and appears to have been that way for centuries. The Royal Visitation of 1615, a survey and inspection by English authorities carried out nationwide, described it as a ‘church and chancell downe’, meaning it was already in a poor state. Legible graves date from the 18th to 20th centuries though there are many earlier illegible graves, including within the walls of the old church itself. The area is named after St Mobheóg, a saint who is associated with Lough Derg and also known as St Dabheóg. Very little is known about this cemetery but on my visit I found it an incredibly peaceful place with fantastic views of the surrounding Tipperary countryside and into County Offaly.

GPS: 52.89913, -7.87885

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