Quinta Do Relógio, Sintra, Portugal

While visiting Quinta da Regaleira in Sintra I spotted the abandoned Quinta Do Relógio across the road. It took time to make sure no-one would see me getting in and I nearly impaled myself on the fence but once I saw it I couldn’t not go in! It seems it was built around 1860 for Royal Highness el Rei D. Fernanado II, the part I saw was only a small section of the entire estate. Sadly I had to leave pretty fast when I was spotted by a guard dog, its a pity because the grounds to the right of the structure seemed extensive and the clock tower nearby looked awesome. The buildings were being renovated a few years back but it seems work has stopped at this stage, the whole estate is now up for sale on Sotherby’s, no price listed! Maybe when I revisit beautiful Sintra I’ll try get in there again! (Thanks to Anabloggin for the info)

GPS: 38.79632, -9.39529

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  1. Hi there. Just checked the net in Portuguese for an abandoned mosque (mesquita abandonada), and found nothing. Checked a book I have on Sintra that has a chapter on Islam in Sintra, and it doesn’t appear.

    I have visited some mosques, in other coutries and the one you snuck into (good job by the way, I always want to sneak around Sintra) does not look mosquy to me, are you sure it is a mosque?

    I have friends that live in Sintra, will ask next time I visit them.

  2. Ah, I was in Sintra once, and visited a few interesting buildings, but I never attempted a daring, clandestine entry like yours in to this wonderful place (altho I’ve done it elsewhere, notably around W. Cork) Looks amazing. Fair play. 🙂

    • Hi Arran,

      Indeed West Cork I’m sure is full of plenty of places I hope to sneak into some day! I’ve had to do a fair but of clandestine entry but sure its always worth it, and if caught I just comment on how beautiful/interesting the place is and hope for the best!

  3. Hello for you all,
    I am from Portugal and I leave near Sintra, witch is my main destination on weakends.
    Sadly Quinta do Relógio is still abandoned.
    It was built in 1800 and It was the house of Manuel Pinto da Fonseca, ironically knowned as Cond of Monte Cristo, who was a slave trader. The slaves were sold in big auction in front of the main building.
    D. Fernando and several others went there in vacations.


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