Hore Abbey, Tipperary, Ireland

Hore Abbey was founded by the Benedictine order in 1226 and stands in close proximity to the magnificent Rock of Cashel. The Abbey was only in the hands of the Benedictines for a short time before being given to the Cistercians from Mellifont by Archbishop of Cashel David Mc Carvill in 1272. A rumour has developed over time that the bishop gave the abbey to the Cistercians after having a dream that the Benedictines were going to make an attempt on his life. Initially the abbey was well endowed with riches by Mc Carvill and the Cistercians operated a leper house in the town of Cashel. The abbey was dissolved in 1540 and the property transferred to James Butler, 9th Earl of Ormond. In 1561 the lands were granted by Elizabeth I to Sir Henry Radcliffe. The structure is a mix of 13th and 15th century architecture with the chapter house and domestic buildings dating from the 1200s, the tower was added later during the 1400s.

GPS: 52.51872, -7.89801

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  1. A lot of local burials were at the abbey until the 1940’s- I have an uncle (Jack O’Dwyer) buried there in 1917. Apparently, he died at the Cashel hospital of war injuries and the family owned a plot there. Do you know why they had private burials on the abbey grounds?

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