Boleycarrigeen Stone Circle, Wicklow, Ireland

Boleycarrigeen Stone Circle also known as the ‘Griddle Stones’ or the ‘Druidical Circle’ stands on the slope of a hill near Kiltegan in the shadow of the vast Keadeen Mountain. The circle is 13.5 metres in diameter with eleven upright stones equally distanced from each other, it appears that the two largest stones might be aligned for the solstice. The circle used to be surrounded by planted forest but recently that has been removed and the full beauty of the circle can be seen. One legend claims that the circle was where Fionn McCumhaill and his wife came together to prepare their meals! This a a very peaceful place and with the surrounding views we couldn’t help but sit for some time and try take it all in.

One word of warning, a lot of guides say you can get down the small road that leads to the bottom of the hill where the stones stand, this is really not possible as the underside of my car was given a terrible time by the raised middle of the road. I recommend parking nearby and walking up this stretch!

GPS: 52.94613, -6.6099

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  1. If you look at Keadeen from the circle you can see the shape of ‘Finn and his wife’ on the mountain. Picture 10 shows their forms quite clearly, towards the left and just below the saddle between Keadeen and Carrig peaks. Apparently they’d come down the hill in the morning and make their breakfast at the Circle.
    That whole area is astounding in the wealth of historic and pre-historic remains that dot the mountain and the hills beneath it. Probably my favourite place on earth …

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