Abandoned Spreepark, Berlin, Germany

An unusual one for the site here, considering its not an ancient castle or a megalithic structure but the Abandonned Spreepark in Berlin is certainly one of the more unusual places I’ve snuck into, and the history behind it is intriguing. I went there in March 2012, but sadly haven’t a huge amount of photos, mainly because a lot of them include pictures of friends of mine that snuck in with me and I really don’t want to throw their pictures up here. Anyway this should serve as an introduction to the Spreepark and hopefully later this summer I may visit it again.

The park was first opened in 1969 and ran until 2001 when the company that owned it ran into serious financial problems. The problems of the family who owned it only got worse when one of the family was arrested for smuggling 180kg of cocaine from Peru to Germany in the containers of several new park attractions, he got 20 years in prison in October 2006. The film ‘Hanna’ was also shot here.

I recommend a visit to the Spreepark, its an amazing place, but beware of security/dogs etc!

GPS: 52.48521, 13.48928

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