Ballyedmonduff Wedge Tomb, Dublin, Ireland

I thought I’d make the best use of the beautiful sunshine and the possible end of the Irish Summer today by taking a trip up to Ballyedmonduff Wedge Tomb on the south-eastern slope of the Two-Rock mountain in Dublin. This is an early bronze age wedge tomb, circa 1700BC and is situated in a small clearing in a planted forest. Its a peaceful spot, though difficult to get to due to golf clubs, barbwire and all the usual hazards. However once you spot the tomb, bathed in light through the dense forest, its well worth the scratches and near misses. The tomb was excavated in the 1830s and then again in the 1940s, by the 40s it was almost entirely covered in earth. During this excavation cremated bone, a polished stone hammer, flints and pottery were found. The tomb is U shaped and features double walling, the rectangular chamber is divided into three parts. The tomb would have looked very different before first excavations in the 1800s, as sketches show the roof would’ve still been intact at this time. The tomb has been named locally the ‘Giant’s Grave’.

GPS: 53.22898, -6.22629

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  1. How very atmospheric that site looks, I can well imagine wanting to sit and soak up the feeling of the place. What a treasure.

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