Grange Castle, Kildare, Ireland

Grange Castle was a truly wondrous place to come across as I had read very little about it before my visit. I knew it had become overgrown but was unsure if some of the buildings on the site were inhabited or not. So I approached the house not through the main gate but a smaller side entrance. As I got closer to the 15th century towerhouse and the adjoining 19th century house and outbuildings, I could see from the shuttered and smashed windows the place was abandoned. The tower house itself is incredibly striking, altered with chimneys and battlements in the early 17th century. A large mansion house was originally attached to the tower, but was burnt down before the current – early 19th century – structure was built. There are many other outbuildings and completely overgrown courtyards and gardens. Many of the windows have been smashed and the castle has been derelict for about 10 years. Originally the tower house was built by the Bermingham family and stayed in their ownership until 1735 when it was sold to Thomas Tyrrell, whose family remained living in the castle until 1988. A local group solicited the support of the owner Hugh Tyrrell (who know lives in England) to create the Tyrell Trtust. The idea being to restore the Castle and gardens as a tourist attraction. However this never came fully to fruition and the Trust disbanded in 2003.

Walking around Grange Castle was a dream, now quite overgrown in such a short space of time the walled courtyards are a hive of activity, very much adding to the magical nature of the place. However it is a shame to see such a relatively structurally sound building falling into such a state, I would happily take it off the owners hands if they feel the desire to offer!

GPS: 53.37511, -7.06817

7 thoughts on “Grange Castle, Kildare, Ireland

  1. What a wonderful site and it should really be saved before more damaged is done, maybe they should try again. Thank you for sharing, I really enjoyed the visit 🙂

  2. I’ll come and help you! Amazing that developers haven’t got their hands on it – just ripe for ‘repurposing’. I’d keep an eye on it as soon as the economy starts up again.

  3. I visited Grange in 2002 with my daughters. At that time they were still working on it. Very sorry to hear that the work has come to an end. My Grandmother was a Tyrrell. Her father was born at Grange. We spent a few hours just walking around. Just wonderful walking where family had walked many years ago.

    • Judy it is indeed an absolute tragedy to see work ceasing on this site and to be honest I may not be a builder but it looks like it wouldn’t need that much extra work to be in livable condition. I do hope someone buys it and completes the renovation, its needed.

  4. Grange Castle – the Tower House itself, can never be sold! It belongs to the OPW, was signed over to that body in the 1990s by the then owner. If the surrounding buildings, and surrounding few acres, were ever to be sold, that one building in the centre, would never become the property of the new owner: perhaps a care-taking agreement could be arranged!? I’m afraid ‘dream on’!!!

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