Cohaw Court Tomb, Cavan, Ireland

The structure at Cohaw is known as a dual court tomb due to being made up of two individual court tombs built facing back to back in an impressive 25 metre long cairn. Each court tomb was erected initially with two chambers, subsequently a fifth chamber was built in the centre joining both tombs. The tomb is built in a North-South alignment, each court measuring 13.5 metres in width. The court to the south is almost two thirds of a circle in shape, while the one to the north is u-shaped. In the north court two socket holes can be seen that would have once held the giant pillar-stones. When the site was excavated in 1949  the cremated remains of three people and a neolithic pottery bowl were discovered. Cohaw is known as the ‘Giant’s Grave’ both locally and on old OSI maps.

GPS: 54.05735, -7.01811

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