Ballymoon Castle, Carlow, Ireland

A charming wooden bridge marks the entry point to the field where Ballymoon castle is situated. Ballymoon’s history is quite meager but its is believed it was built between 1290 and 1310 by either Roger Bigod or the Carew family. Unlike a lot of defensive castles of its time Ballymoon would have had a central courtyard surrounded by two or three story buildings. There are some defensive elements to the structure such as the high walls and cross shaped arrow loops but the amount of fireplaces and toilets would suggest it served mainly as a home. To the north wall a double fireplace  would have served as the focal point of the great hall. Local folklore suggest that the inner courtyard walls were never finished and as there is no recorded history of the castle many believe it may never have even been occupied. Though the true history behind this structure may never be known it is a sight to behold and a lot of fun can be had exploring

GPS: 52.70019, -6.90664

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