Wells Medieval Church, Carlow, Ireland

The ruins of Wells Medieval Church are known to date back to the mid 13th century but the site’s ecclesiastical history could  predate this. A church on this site is recorded in the ‘Calendar of Ormond Deeds’ in 1262 and it is believed that the main structure dates from this period, though parts of Wells were restored at a later date. The visible remains of this 13th century construction consist of a long nave and chancel, part of the east wall and all of the south wall exist, the north wall was rebuilt at a later date. The church is surrounded by a well kept graveyard with an array of ornate headstones dating from the 1700s to the present day. The ruins now form part of ‘St Laserian’s Trail’, one of three beautiful driving routes into which the Carlow Tourism Board has put a lot of effort and thought.

GPS: 52.69483, -6.99054

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