Ballyloughan Castle, Carlow, Ireland

Ballyloughan Castle is located near Ballymoon Castle which was featured on this site before, fittingly many aspects of its structure are the same. This 13th century castle was protected by a well preserved gatehouse with a tower to its left and another to its northeast. The castle would have been protected by a large fortified wall and there is evidence that a moat would have surrounded this. The tower to the left of the gatehouse would have at one time served as the great hall, which can be evidenced by the ornate fireplace and windows.

Little is known about the castle’s origins, however during the 13th century the Kavanagh family controlled most of this area of Carlow, and we know that it was occupied by a Donagh Kavanagh at the end of the 1500s. Beside the castle stands the ruins of a 17th century mansion house, perhaps built by the Bagenal family who became the proprietors of the land after the Restoration. The house was subsequently owned by the Breuns in the early 19th century.

GPS: 52.67296, -6.89808

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  1. Well, Ed I think we share a taste for looking through old windows and doorways – this is superb – a lovely castle, but fabulous pics!

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