Clonmore Castle, Carlow, Ireland

The original builder of Clonmore Castle is unknown, but it is thought that it was built during the late 13th century, this is due to the design of the trefoil window in the southern wall. The first recorded mention of Clonmore was in 1332 when Anthony DeLacy carried out repairs to the castle. The castle would have originally been square in plan, with towers or turrets at each corner and would have housed a central courtyard. Clonmore changed hands many times during its bloody history. It was seized by The Earl if Kildare in 1516, and then seized again by The Earl of Ormond in 1598. The castle fell under the ownership of several different families during the confederate war before it finally was taken in 1650 by Cromwellian forces led by Colonel Hewson.

Clonmore has some beautiful features and there is a very powerful feeling to the structure, well worth a visit.

GPS: 52.82809, -6.57528

4 thoughts on “Clonmore Castle, Carlow, Ireland

  1. Many thanks for the photos of the interior – it’s a place just made for exploring, isn’t it. My grandson used to climb up to the first floor of the tower by the car park but that’s as far as any of us ever got. Yoiu’ve whetted my appetite with those pcitures – next time I’m over, I’m climbing the gate and I’m going a-mooching…

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