Dunleckny Churches, Carlow, Ireland

Two ruined churches stand on this fascinating site at Dunkleckny in county Carlow. The older of the two churches sits to the rear of the graveyard, with both gable ends still standing. Though this church dates from a later medieval period, another church may have predated it. There is a mention of a church on this site being granted to the Nunnery of Grany in the thirteenth century. The other church that stands in Dunleckny is a later Church of Ireland ‘single-cell’ church. This was built in the late 18th century but was only in use for a short time before being abandoned in the early 19th century when church services transferred to nearby Bagenalstown. The graveyard surrounding the churches is home to some beautiful late 18th century headstones.

GPS: 52.71302, -6.93463

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