Killaconnigan Cemetery, Meath, Ireland

Most of the time when I have a packed route with several places to visit during a day I still can’t resist the urge to stop off anytime I spot a beautiful brown heritage site sign! To be honest I don’t really need the signpost to get my interest growing, spotting a ruin or a cemetery a field or two over from whatever road I’m driving on is a good enough reason to stop in my mind, and his is how I came across this little cemetery near Ballivor named Killaconnigan. It has been incredibly difficult to find out much information about the history of this site, the inscriptions on some stones I could make out dated back to the 1700s. The area was also known as Killoghconnoghan and I found what may be a reference to it in a book, ‘The old church has crumbled into ruin’, (The Diocese of Meath; Ancient and Modern’ by Rev. A. Cogan, 1867) though there are no remnants of a church visible it does seem like this could be the same site. Sadly no reference is made to the cemetery in Lewis’ Topographical History of Ireland from 1837, if anyone can fill me in on the history of this peaceful place it would be very much appreciated. Sometimes it seems odd to me that hundreds if not thousands of people can be buried in one place but  its history still so difficult to uncover.

GPS: 53.53672, -6.98168

2 thoughts on “Killaconnigan Cemetery, Meath, Ireland

  1. We just returned from trip to Ireland and this Killoghconnoghan or Kilaconnigan. I have a photo I’d be happy to share of my great grandfathers headstone. Thanks for sharing your history. Have a happy day. Judy Wagner

    • Hello Judy I’m very glad you were able to find the still legible great grandfathers headstone. I’d be more than happy to share your photo too.

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