Kilgowan Standing Stone, Kildare, Ireland

Kilgowan Standing Stone or Long Stone is situated on a small mound just off the N9 near Kilcullen in Kildare. Its fortunate that the stone is still standing at all as gravel-quarrying next to it meant its existence was threatened in the 1980s. Dáil (Irish Parliament) records show Charles Haughey mentioning the damage to Kilgowan as a pressing issue while the National Monuments Amendment Bill was being prepared. In October 1986 two inhumation burials, a human skull and flagstones were uncovered during bulldozing. The stone measures 2.5 metres in height and is unusual as it has been Christianised with a cross cut into one face of it. Excavations at this site have come to the conclusion that there were Iron age and later Christian burials at this site. However the site has never been fully excavated and its intriguing to wonder if the burial mound is man-made or not, perhaps a passage tomb lies under the soil. As stated already this site is very close to a quarry and its best to approach it from the rear to avoid the attention of site security.

GPS: 53.07795, -6.76356

8 thoughts on “Kilgowan Standing Stone, Kildare, Ireland

  1. Unfortunately, there seem to be more and more stories coming to light of our ancient places being disrespected in this way. Its very sad. This looks like a spectacular site! Im interested in the shape…has it been worked or is it a more natual shape the maker has just taken advantage of, do you think? And Im guessing the cross is a much later addition?!!

  2. Nice job Ed, I just love these ancient sites although I havent been here in a while. Good to see the quarry hasn’t consumed the site. Wouldn’t it be great if it was properly excavated like what they are doing out at Tlacghta. Who knows what we might find out 🙂

  3. I live nearby ,l can see this standing stone from my bedroom which faces to the east its beautiful at dawn and dusk ,l have seen the christian cross which l reckon was engraved much later ,this cross is becoming very faint and hard to see, perhaps this is because of cattle using this lovely stone which was certainly worked by ancient manas a scratching post, as they do every day perhaps those who preserve such monuments could erec a fence around it to protect and preserve it for future generations to enjoy its mystery.

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