Causetown Castle, Meath, Ireland

The ruinous remains of Causetown Castle (also know as Lisclogher Castle) are picturesquely situated off the Athboy to Delvin Road in County Meath. This Z-plan towerhouse was probably built in the 16th century and it seems to have been in the ownership of an Anglo-Norman family named Dowdall. All the remains of the tower house is the ground floor and two towers, on the North West and South East corners. The South East tower is the most intact, featuring the remains of a garderobe turret, the North East tower houses the remains of a stairs. It seems a lot of tragedy surrounded the Dowdall family as a diary from the 18th century mentions the death of James Dowdall of Causetown, who was murdered after he hired someone at a local hiring fair, on the walk home he was attacked, robbed and killed. Another article from 1869 mentions a horrifying crime that ended the life of Mary Dowdall Nangle. Mary, her husband Hyancinth, child, unborn baby and household staff were all murdered in one terrifying night at Streamstown House in 1757. It mentions that Hyancinth had a foster brother who wanted to rob the house, however it seems on that fateful night something went horribly wrong and only one member of the family survived, Christopher Nangle who wrote the aforementioned diary. The house was burned beyond recognition. Six people were arrested for the crime and were tried and convicted in Mullingar, they were hanged on top of a hill overlooking Streamstown House, the site where the gruesome murders had taken place.

GPS: 53.60747, -6.97808

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