Knocktopher Church and Tower, Kilkenny, Ireland

On the outskirts of the village of Knocktopher stands the scant remains of a 12th century square tower and a section of the south wall of a 15th century church. This gothic church was largely demolished in 1870 but thankfully the tower remains intact. The tower is an unusual sight, its base is square however it has a octagonal crenellated top which appears to be a later addition. The tower sports a beautiful 12th century Romanesque doorway, now gated, and is home to a fine double-effigy tomb of a layman and his wife dating from the early 15th century which is in remarkable condition. Within the tower are other slabs and crosses, the most unusual decorated with spirals and diagonal lines. The South Wall of the 15th century church has two cross slabs erected either side of a tomb which sits under the arched window.

GPS: 52.48351, -7.21527

2 thoughts on “Knocktopher Church and Tower, Kilkenny, Ireland

  1. Great photos Ed,you had the weather,as they say,in one of the first outside shots,photo 4,you can see where the remains of a roof joined the Tower,and the tomb is in fantastic condition for its age,well done..

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