Eightercua Stone Row, Kerry, Ireland

The absolutely breathtaking Eightercua Stone Row is located near Waterville on the Iveragh Peninsula in Co. Kerry. The row comprises of four stones aligned in an east-west direction, and is about 7.5 metres in width with the tallest of the stones measuring 2.7 metres. As one approaches the stone row it appears to be on a raised horseshoe shaped mound leading many to speculate that the site may have once housed a tomb and ancient enclosure. This has also lead scholars to believe that Eightercua was of significant ritual importance. The site dates from around 1700BC and in Irish Mythology is said to be the burial place of Scéine who was the wife of Amergin mac Míled, the leader of the Milesians. The Milesians are believed to be the last mythical invaders of Ireland and settled the area around 1700BC.

Eightercua could not be located in a more picturesque spot, sadly it seems access to the site can be restricted and I have heard reports of a bull being kept in the same field as these beautiful stone, so beware!

GPS: 51.81485, -10.15849

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  1. Wow they are amazing Ed and so are your pictures! They really stand out in that vast open landscape of land and sky… and what a sky behind them! Do you think the area would have been forested when they were erected? I can certainly see why Sceine would have wished to be buried there.

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