Ballycrovane Ogham Stone, Cork, Ireland

At 5.3metres in height Ballycrovane Ogham Stone gets the eminent title of tallest Ogham Stone in the World. The stone stands on the top of a hill not too far from the harbour on the south side of Kenmare Bay. Like a lot of Ogham Stones it is believed this stone stood here for some time before the Ogham inscription was carved into it. This would have been done sometime between the 3rd  and 5th century A.D. The Ogham inscription which runs up the side of the stone says ‘MAQI-DECCEDDAS AVI TURANIAS’, which translates as ‘Mac Deich Uí Turainn’ or ‘Son of Deich the descendant of Turainn’, it is not known to whom this refers. What the standing stone may have signified prior to this is also unknown however due to the number of ancient burials found in the area and by virtue of its position close to the shoreline perhaps it was a way of marking an important trading place or route. To access the stone you have to walk up a domestic houses drive and out through a gate in the corner of the back-garden, try to be polite! It is a really beautiful place.

GPS: 51.71292, -9.94454

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