Graigue Standing Stone, Kerry, Ireland

Graigue Standing Stone is an unusual sight, seeing as it is split vertically into two separate slabs. Situated on the Dingle Peninsula this megalith towers in at almost 4 metres in height and 2.6 metres in width. The smaller piece that has come away from the Northwest face of the stone lies at a fifty degree angle and measures 3 metres by 2.2 metres. There are two small stones holding up this smaller piece, neither of these are buried deeply into the earth which would lead one to believe that they are a later addition. The stone is aligned NE-SW. How this stone split is a mystery to me, I have found nothing in folklore records and would welcome any information or opinions others may have.

GPS: 52.13619, -10.14526

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  1. That is amazing! There must be some story out there about the stone splitting… its not the kind of thing a local rural community would ignore. If you find out please post it and let us know.

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