Coumeenoole Ogham Stone, Kerry, Ireland

The Dingle Peninsula seems to be an area notably rich in Ogham Stones, and the Coumeenoole Ogham Stone at Dunmore head is an exceptional site even for such a heritage abundant area. This stone, measuring two metres in height, stands on the highest vantage point overlooking the once inhabited Blasket Islands. It  was discovered in 1838 lying front down on the hill and was re-erected the following year. The stone reads ‘ERC MAQI-ERCIAS MU DOVINIA’, ‘Erc’ being the person who is commemorated here. Also the mention of he name Dovinia would lead one to believe that it was possibly a place of ritual worship to the goddess Duibhne (Dovinnias); as many sites around the Peninsula are related to this deity, a fertility goddess, the Irish name for the peninsula is Corca Dhuibhne. The views from this site overlooking Coumeenoole Bay and the Blaskets are amazing, I feel fortunate that my visit coincided with the fading autumn sunset.

GPS: 52.11009, -10.47365

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