Shronebirrane Stone Circle, Kerry, Ireland

Drimminaboy Valley is a jaw-droppingly beautiful place and a suitable home for Shronebirrane Stone Circle. The circle has a diameter of 7.5 metres. Sadly only eight of the original thirteen stones remain, the tallest stone, the north-east portal stone is 2.6 metres in height. Although the Drimminaboy Valley is beautiful, its hard to avoid being distracted by the modern bungalow about 20 metres from the circle, it appears the owners try to charge 2 euro to access the site however they didn’t seem into approaching us on the day of our visit! I’d also recommend taking a walk down through the beautiful valley, at one point there was a village situated here, however it went into decline and disappeared shortly after the great famine.

GPS: 51.73769, -9.80462

5 thoughts on “Shronebirrane Stone Circle, Kerry, Ireland

  1. That really is a spectacular place… so rugged and beautiful. I can see why ancient man chose to build there. As for the bungalow, is the stone circle actually on their land? Do they own it? I dont agree with our ancient monuments being privately owned. They are rarely or inadequately maintained and mostly inaccessable to visitors, unfortunately.

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