Rathduff Burial Ground, Kerry, Ireland

Rathduff Burial Ground is one of those places that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up as soon as you enter. This graveyard is home to two Ogham stones, one of which I was unable to locate due to the amount of mud covering much of the site. The soggy overgrown earth does add to the feeling of a world now forgotten that exudes from every worn tomb and headstone in the burial ground. Ballinvoher medieval church once stood on this site and can be found in records from 1622, however it was demolished in the early 19th century and much of the stonework was used in construction of the tombs. The only Ogham Stone I was able to locate stands near the east side of the graveyard, against the west end of a relatively modern tomb and measures just under 1 metre in height. Its is a cross-inscribed stone but many of the markings have disappeared, what is left is believed to read as ‘Sidani Maqi Dala’. I have visited many graveyards over the years but Rathduff Burial Ground is truly a remarkable, sombre and eerie place.

GPS: 52.16851, -10.02819

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