Derreenataggart West Stone Circle, Cork, Ireland

Derreenataggart West (also known as Derrintaggart) is a stunning stone circle located on the Beara Peninsula near Castletownbere. It stands on the south-east slope of the Miskish Mountains and measure 8 metres in diameter. There were originally 15 stones in the circle, however only 12 remain and three of these to the western edge of the circle are recumbent. One of the portal stones is 2.5 metres in height, the other is broken and all that remains of it is a stump. In the neighbouring field there is a ‘fulacht fiadh’, an ancient cooking place. The area of Derreenataggart is rich in ancient sites including souterrains, raths and standing stones.

GPS: 51.65383, -9.92896

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