Donaghpatrick Church, Galway, Ireland

Donaghpatrick Church, as the name would suggest, is an early ecclesiastical site where its believed St Patrick established a church on this low hillock. The church ruin that now occupies the site dates from the 12th century. The North, South and West walls of this church are still standing to full height however the east gable wall is completely gone. The west wall has lower single window, and above it a beautiful twin-light round-headed window, corbels and beam holes in this wall would also suggest the former presence of a loft. In the 1920s a small belfry was documented as still being in place above the west gable however this no longer exists. To the north of the church evidence has been found of a small 500 metre trackway dating from the same time, and a field system defined by low banks.

GPS: 53.47883, -9.038

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