Glebe North Stone Circle, Mayo, Ireland

Glebe North Stone Circle, also known as Cong North or Glebe 1, is situated near the village of Cong in Co. Mayo. The stone circle is on a small raised mound and measures approximately 16 metres in diameter. Cong North is just one of four stone circles located within 170 yards of each other. This circle would have originally consisted of around 30 stones however closer to 20 remain, and many have collapsed or are covered in earth, the tallest of these is stones is 1.2 metres. One of the more intriguing stones has a series of naturally formed ‘cup marks’ completely covering one of its sides. Please beware if you are visiting this site it’s a very narrow road with absolutely nowhere to pull in, instead park the car down the road a little and walk.

GPS: 53.54855, -9.26347

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