Killursa Church, Galway, Ireland

Killursa was the site of a monastery established in the 7th century by St Fursa/Fursey, a saint whose transcendental visions of heaven and hell are believed to have inspired Dante’s ‘Divine Comedy’. The church that stands on the current site is though to date from around the 12th or 13th  century due to the large mullioned gothic window and gothic pointed doorway. There is reason to believe that some remnants of the earlier monastery were worked into the 13th century structure, this is especially true of the smaller, slender, less decorated windows and the lower part of the western wall. It is uncertain at what date the church fell into disrepair, as the last mentions I can find of it relate to extended works on the church in the 15th century.

GPS: 53.46774, -9.14498

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