Proleek Wedge Tomb, Louth, Ireland

I have previously featured Proleek Dolmen on ‘Visions of the Past’ but did not mention this wonderful wedge tomb that stands only ninety metres away from that iconic site. Both monuments are linked in folklore as the place where a Scottish giant named ‘Parrah Boug MacShagean’ was poisoned by Fionn Mac Cumhaill when Parrah came to attack Fionn in the place where he prepared his meals. Before Parrah could get to Mac Cumhaill Fionn poisoned the River Flurry which runs near the site. When Parrah arrived Fionn was nowhere to be seen so he slaughtered an Ox, cooked and ate it. After he ate he went and took a drink of water from the river, he died immediately, it is said he is buried under the giant wedge tomb. One 1758 report titled ‘Louthiana’ by Wright and Foudrinier adds to the intrigue by stating, “several bones of a monstrous size they affirm to have been dug up here”. The wedge tomb is immense, with a 7 metre long gallery and measuring almost 2 metres at the west end. The tomb tapers towards the east end and is covered by a roof stone. As I stated in my post about Proleek Dolmen these sites are situated to the rear of a golf course at Ballymascanlon Hotel. I my opinion its far more awe inspiring and enjoyable if approached through the fields behind the golf course and through a turnstile in a small wooded area. This turnstile is to the rear of the wedge tomb and is easily visible on the map.

GPS: 54.03689, -6.34719

2 thoughts on “Proleek Wedge Tomb, Louth, Ireland

  1. Visited this sight recently (and before even knowing the legend) my first thought was: “Looks like a Giant was buried here” !!!!! Highly recommend seeing it if you are in the area. Beautiful place, easy to navigate.

    from South Carolina

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