Kilmolara Church, Mayo, Ireland

Kilmolara Church is situated just outside The Neale, a village in Mayo within the parish of Cong.  It appears the church was built in the late 18th century and seems to have been funded by Lord Kilmaine as Samuel Lewis attests to in his ‘Topographical Dictionary of Ireland‘. In the Topographical Dictionary, written in 1837, he states that the church is under the ownership of Lord Kilmaine and that it had recently been refurbished to the cost of £125. The church fell out of use by 1870 however the cemetery was in use long after that. Information about Kilmolara Church is sparse and its not even mentioned on many maps, ironic considering The Neale was the home to John Browne, 16th century sheriff of Mayo and a cartographer who made many maps of Connaught. If anyone has any further information on Kilmolara please send it on.

GPS: 53.57716, -9.23033

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