Old Kyle Cemetery, Laois, Ireland

Old Kyle Cemetery, also known as Clonfertmulloe, was once home to a 6th century church founded here by St Molua, of which no trace remains. The scant remains of the walls of a 12th century church stand covered in ivy sin the middle of the cemetery. Just inside the entrance to Clonfertmulloe sits a bullaun stone named St. M’Loo’s stone. This ballaun has five holes indented into its surface, tradition states that the saint knelt so often upon the stone to pray and weep that he created the holes. Two of the holes were made by his knees, one by his clasped hands, and the final two by his tears. The stone was once situated in a field across from the cemetery. Another interesting sight at Old Kyle is a 6th century cross-slab that is leaning up against the inner wall, about a metre in height. Clonfertmulloe is believed to be the burial place of St Molua, but I have been unable to ascertain exactly where the grave lies within the cemetery perimeter.

GPS: 52.96171, -7.65336

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