Creevagh Wedge Tomb, Clare, Ireland

The beautiful and unique Creevagh Wedge Tomb lies in the heart of the Burren in County Clare. From the road a series of fields and stone walls need to be traversed before one finally reaches the tomb. One thing I did not know on the day of my visit is that the final wall I crossed was in fact part of neighbouring ring wall that once surrounded the Tomb. The structure itself is a typical rectangular box type tomb, a common feature of the tombs of this area, consisting of two long side slabs and a back slab at its eastern end. One of the more unusual aspects of this tomb is the 1.6metre stone to the north of the entrance , another of a similar size to the west of the entrance, and a final slab to the rear. It is surmised that these stones may have formed part of an antechamber leading into the main tomb. The area surrounding Creevagh Wedge Tomb appears to be home to a whole host of possible cairns and Neolithic structures. Creevagh Wedge Tomb dates from between 2,500BC-2,000BC. Though difficult to navigate to due to the Burren’s ankle breaking uneven ground, and the over enthusiastic cattle in the fields surrounding it, I still thoroughly recommend a visit!

GPS: 52.98544, -9.10112


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