Seefin Passage Tomb, Wicklow, Ireland

The peak of Seefin hill is home to this spectacular 5,000 year old Neolithic passage tomb, built circa 3300BC. The tomb is 650metres above sea level with spectacular views of south county Dublin and Wicklow. The effort involved in building this tomb becomes very evident to anyone visiting as most of the hike is at a 45degree angle. The cairn at Seefin measures around 25 metres in diameter and is about 3 metres in height. A number of large kerb stones surround the base of the tomb, the passageway itself is around 7 metres in length abruptly ending where the roof of the tomb has collapsed in. There are some carved decorations in lozenge (rhombus) shape on these tones within the chamber and also quite a few quartz lined stones. The name ‘Seefin’ originates from the Irish Suí Fínn, which means ‘Fionn’s seat’, referring to the legendary warrior Fionn MacCumhaill. It is believed that the hill protects the throne of Fionn and that he feasted at this site after hunting with his fellow Fianna in the Glenasmole valley below. The tomb was excavated by R.A. Macalister in 1931 however he found no human remains or artefacts within the tomb, this could be for several reasons, firstly perhaps the tomb was never meant for burial and served another purpose, another school of though suggests that the descendants of the tribe that created the structure brought the remains with them as they migrated away from the area.

I thoroughly recommend a visit to Seefin, but there are just one or two things any visitor should keep in mind. I’d recommend planning your route up the hill as much of it is bordering the Irish army shooting range, also bring water, the steepness of the hill requires it!

GPS: 53.18623, -6.39475

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  1. I seem to remember there being a cross inscribed on one of the stones too, from a later time of course. Great views over the plains of Kildare as well…….(Love your posts by the way)

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