Kilmaine Church, Mayo, Ireland

The name of the village of Kilmaine derives from the Irish ‘Cill Mheán’ meaning ‘The Middle Church’. It is believed that St Patrick built a church at the location of this ruin and another two at a site nearby, where subsequently Kille Abbey was founded. It is unknown when this church, occupying the centre of the village of Kilmaine, dates from or if it incorporated earlier buildings. What is known is that it maintained a constant ecclesiastical purpose since its inception, even being mentioned in a papal document of 1216,  In some instances the site is referred to as an abbey but as I said information about this church is incredibly scant. The east wall is home to a twin ogee headed window, there are another two windows on the south wall, one of which would have illuminated the now lost to antiquity first floor. Other parts of the ruin appear to represent the south east end of a cloister arcade. The day I visited Kilmaine was one of those perfect Irish September evenings of torrential rain, quite evident in the photos! If anyone has any further information on this beautiful little ruin as always get in touch.

GPS: 53.58145, -9.12238

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