Parkavonear Castle, Kerry, Ireland

Parkavonear Castle, also known as Aghadoe Castle, stands only a field away from the impressive 11th century ruins of Aghadoe Cathedral and Round Tower. The castle was built in 13th century in the aftermath of the Anglo-Norman invasion. It is unusual in its construction, being a circular keep, of which there only are a few in Ireland. It is believed that a square earthen rampart measuring around 50 metres in diameter surrounded the castle, a further earthwork appears to the south of the castle. Entry would have been via the 1st floor, where the remains of a fireplace can still be seen, the walls of the castle are two meters in depth and its internal diameter is about 6 metres. A small staircase leads up to a ledge where one can observe the 1st floor from another angle, and the beginnings of the 2nd floor, now destroyed. In local folklore the castle was dubbed ‘The Pulpit’ or ‘The Bishop’s Chair’, no doubt due to its proximity to Aghadoe Cathedral. An unusual ruin in a very scenic setting close to the Lough Leane and Killarney.

GPS: 52.07593, -9.55502

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