Killeavy Castle, Armagh, Ireland

Killeavy Castle, also known as Bell’s Castle, is a stunning early 19th century Gothic, crenellated mansion situated at the base of Slieve Gullion in the townland of Clonlum. Originally Killeavy castle was known as Killeavy Lodge and was a far more modest farmhouse. In 1836 its owner, Powell Foxall JP, commissioned the Dublin architect George Papworth to enlarge his home with Gothic and Tudor flourishes. In 1852 the house was put up for auction but did not sell, although some of the demesne was sold at this time. Killeavy was bought by the Bell family in 1862. I have read that some of the stone for the castle was taken from the nearby Clonlum cairn, an almost totally flattened cairn I have visited before. The house was last occupied in the 1980s but was recently bought by a company who are renovating it with a view to building a hotel and spa on the site. The clip below shows how the interior looked prior to its renovation.

GPS: 54.12318, -6.41077

3 thoughts on “Killeavy Castle, Armagh, Ireland

  1. So sad that the Castle has been badly damaged recently by fire. Such buildings really require better protection.

  2. Another castle Hotel………It is so depressing that the only apparent alternative use for these historic buildings is an impersonal complex for accommodation, which conveys little of the original historic fabric of the building. I suppose we will also see the customary spa & golf course……..Rather sad really.

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