Templetown Church, Wexford, Ireland

After the Anglo-Norman invasion of Ireland King Henry II granted Kilcloggan and what later became known as Templetown to The Knights Templar, who established a preceptory at Kilcloggan. Once the Knights Templar were suppressed in 1307 their property was transferred to the Knights Hospitallers of St John. In Ireland the Templars were arrested and imprisoned in Dublin Castle prior to their trial in St Patrick’s Cathedral where their order was dissolved and lands taken. The Hospitallers built a fortified church here at Templetown of which only the tower survives. The church that stands beside it is a later Church of Ireland ‘Board of First Fruits’ edifice built in 1828, it fell out of use during the mid 1800s when a newer church was built in Fethard-On-Sea dedicated to St Mogue. While the church was in use the old tower served as a sacristy for the minister. Stepping inside the tower its antiquity becomes quite striking, with its rough stone steps and mixed masonry. The Church of Ireland structure was described as being in ruins and roofless by 1922. On the day of my visit I did not spot the Knights Templar grave or the bullaun stone at this site.

GPS: 52.17932, -6.89526

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