Shanballyedmond Court Tomb, Tipperary, Ireland

Shanballyedmond Court Tomb is situated on a small hill near Rear Cross in county Tipperary. The tomb consists of a large U-shaped kerbed cairn, measuring 12.5 by 9.5 metres. The open court measures 4 by 3 metres and sits at the northwest side of the cairn, the court faces Mauherslieve or ‘Mother Mountain’. The court leads into a two-chambered gallery, the front chamber measuring 2 x 2 metres and the inner chamber is larger measuring 3 metres by 2. The shape of the cairn that would have encased the entire monument is easy to make out with kerb stones marking its boundaries, Excavations at Shanballyedmond revealed a series of 34 post holes surrounding the tomb around 2 metres from the kerb. This would indicate a surrounding wooden structure which was carbon dated to around 1500-1000BC which means they would have been a later addition to the original tomb. An excavation was carried out in 1958 by archaeologist, Prof. M.J. O’Kelly who found the remains of six cremated burials and one along with arrowheads and pottery. The most prominent burial is that of a cremated youth aged 10 to 15 years, this was found in a stone lined pit in the floor of the inner chamber, evidence suggests that a fire had been lit in the pit, which was then cleaned out prior to the burial. Traces of other fires were found in the front chamber.

GPS: 52.67961, -8.23034

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