Kenmare Stone Circle, Kerry, Ireland

This Stone Circle, standing at the edge of the town of Kenmare, is one of the largest examples in the South West of Ireland. It is known locally as ‘the Shrubberies’, perhaps due to the relatively young evergreen trees that surround the circle, it has also been referred to as the Giant’s Table. The circle, more so an oval if truth be told, has a diameter of 17 by 15 metres and is made up of 15 large stones. At the centre of the circle is a large boulder burial, with a capstone 2 metres by 1.8. It appears that the circle may be orientated to align with Eagle Hill, near Staigue Fort. The views over Kenmare bay are impeded by the trees that surround it and many visitors complain that the site has been overly sanitised but it still stands as an impressive monument to the knowledge of these ancient builders.

The following is an entry from the 1937 Dúchas Schools Collection, “The Giants Table consists of twelve large stones in a circle and a large flat slab on top of another stone in the centre. This cromlech is supposed to have existed there since the time of the Milesians. It is about half a mile from the market place, Kenmare. They look very nice even though they occupy a good space of land.” Collector: Máire Ní Shúilleabháin, 19, Greenane, Co. Kerry

GPS: 51.87847, -9.58808

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  1. What a wonderful bright day for camerawork. It imbues your photos with a certain light charm totally absent from the somber, heavy presence of the last several posts. The sunny atmosphere, the clumps of trees, the lawn-like grass, and the stonework makes me of feel like we’re glimpsing something from ‘Through the Looking-Glass’. Like it’s some ancient, gigantic game board. Top notch stuff, again!

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