Coolcoulaghta Standing Stones, Cork, Ireland

The two remaining standing stones at Coolcoulaghta are believed to be part of a solar alignment with Dunbeacon stone circle (featured in the preceding article). Its an interesting site as a third standing stone used to be located around 50 metres South-south-west of the stone pair, which sadly was removed sometime during the 1970s. There is a school of thought that the single standing stone predated the stone pair, from its position it would have aligned with Dunbeacon Circle and the hilltop at a point that is a half a month south of the equinox. The standing stone pair is aligned with the day that is halfway between equinox and winter cross-quarter. Which means the stone pair could exist as a later ‘improvement’ to the site. The two stones, measuring almost 2 metres in height were actually removed in 1980 but were replaced in 1983 by the Office of Public Works after much local outcry. Thankfully in the repositioning of the stones they used an earlier plan made in 1977. As stated in the last article, the Irish for this area is cúil cuallachta, corner or angle of the colony (recorded in 1841) however it also is recorded that same year as ‘cúl collatach’, and refers to the term ‘codlatach’ meaning sleepy, cúl itself has several translations so this does not provide much clarity. Indeed as both terms seem to have only been recorded in the past 200 years its hard to give too much weight to either but perhaps they hint at an earlier understanding. This stone pair is well worth visiting while stopping at Dunbeacon Stone Circle.

GPS: 51.5967, -9.54335

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