Kilbunny Church, Waterford, Ireland

Kilbunny church is situated at the edge of the floodplain of the River Suir, with Kilbunny Stream only 30 metres from the site of the church. It is believed that this former monastic site was founded in the 8th century by Saint Munna, the name Kilbunny (Cill being Irish for Church) is a poor translation of what must have been Cill Mo Mhunna. The small church that remains is said to date from the 11th century and has a fine Romanesque doorway, there are also some interesting carvings of a ram’s head, a lion’s head and a human head. Kilbunny was also know as Guilcagh at some point in its history. There once stood inside the church a 16th century effigy of a bishop, however this seems to have disappeared after the 1950s. There are two bullaun stones on either side of the entrance to the church, bullaun stones have long been associated with healing and ritual purposes, and a few coins placed by passers by fill their depressions. The site at Kilbunny is very peaceful and its hard to imagine that this was once home to over 230monks during the time of Saint Munna, well worth a visit.

GPS: 52.27151, -7.29428

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